단순하지만 고도의 집중력을 필요로합니다.

   플레이는 모든 레벨에서 간단하고 동일합니다.

특정 색상의 모양이 떨어질때  좌우방향키 또는 터치를 하여

 색상과 모양을 일치시키면 됩니다.

This minimalist reaction and skillgame requires your full concentration.

The game play is simple and the same in every level:

A shape of a specific color is falling down, and you have to move the shape at the bottom to make the falling one hit its equal.

The challenge is to gather enough points to activate the next level. There, new shapes will be waiting for you.

The longer you play whithout making a mistake the higher your score will be!



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